Focussed specifically on agroprocessing (cocoa, herbs and spices), creative industries (music) and services (higher education) the Forum covered cover a range of business and investment related issues over the two days of April 15-16, 2015 at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Business Forum elements included:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Training sessions
  • Professional company consultations
  • Business to business meetings
  • Sectoral breakout sessions
  • A resource library
  • Networking events

The days were capped with a cocktail reception featuring live Caribbean music on April 15 and the Caribbean Exporter of the Year Awards Ceremony on April 16. The result of this dynamic mix of activities was a powerful, impactful event that highly resonated with the participants.

Agro-Processing: The event focused on cocoa and chocolate production, as well as herbs and spices. Although the bulk of export continues to be dried beans from the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the Caribbean also produces fine flavour beans that are often sought by high quality vintage chocolatiers in Europe. In addition the region has a number of smaller chocolatiers producing custom designed and flavoured chocolates available to the export market.

Music: The creative industries and music in particular is a priority sector across the Caribbean region. With the growth of the festival market internationally there is a need to raise the awareness of promoters on how to participate in these festivals. This requires the sharing of best practices and information between key industry professionals such as managers, agents, promoters, artistes, producers, record label owners from both sides of the Atlantic.

Higher Education: Under the 10th EDF, Europe has supported postgraduate students engaged in exchange programmes between universities in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, and in twinning partnerships with Europe and elsewhere. This forum aimed to develop further linkages and increase the export potential of CARIFORUM Higher Educational Services and Institutions.

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