The 3rd CARIFORUM-Business Forum covered a range of topics as outlined here.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities in Europe and Other Markets
Exploring the findings of the studies on the Regional Export Strategies for the agro-processing, music and higher education sectors

The FCORs as a Gateway to Europe
A look at the specific opportunities for CARIFORUM firms in penetrating the FCOR market Branding for Export Markets The fundamentals of branding and key requirements for firms interested in entering overseas markets, highlighting the re-branding strategies of select CARIFORUM firms

Roundtable Breakout Sessions on International Trends and Opportunities per sector

Cocoa, Herbs & Spices

  • Trends and innovations in the specialty cocoa industry in the Caribbean
  • Single origin chocolate production and Bean to Bar Manufacturing
  • Opportunities for Caribbean cocoa/chocolate producers in Europe
  • Market opportunities for herbs and spices in Europe and the ACP
  • Caribbean case study
  • Organic trends in the herbs/spices sector
  • EPA provisionss for the agro-processing sector
  • Meet the Buyers Session; specific requirements/expectations of buyers & importers
  • Branding, packaging and labelling for exports
  • Constraint issues affecting the sector (SPS, production, R&D, investment)

Higher Education

  • Trade & investment in higher education in the Caribbean; the potential in the region
  • Strategies for attracting foreign students to the Caribbean
  • Prospects for enhancing intra-ACP and EU collaboration in education and training
  • Joint programs, accreditation and foreign student intake
  • Specific requirements and expectations for recruitment & marketing strategies for the higher education sector
  • Branding for higher education institutions
  • Policy and regulatory changes for improving the Caribbean as a destination for foreign students
  • Mobility programs for ACP students


  • Investment and funding platforms in the EU for Caribbean creative businesses
  • Specific opportunities (digital marketing, music festivals, live music) in Europe
  • Industry insights from a European perspective
  • Opportunities and strategies for market penetration in Africa
  • Industry insights from a Caribbean perspective
  • EPA provisions for the music sector
  • Festival Organisers & Promoters: Expectations and requirements
  • Digital platforms for online marketing and sales
  • Branding requirements for the music sector
  • Intellectual Property issues for the music sector


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